Feb 062021
Impression of atmosphere
Hello all,    

Thank you so much for visiting our website, and for taking the time to find out why we believe that you will be making an excellent choice by staying with us.

Most of our guests  come purely to enjoy the beautiful Garden Route with all of its gifts, but there is also an entirely new kind of clientele that we also cater for, namely those are able to work from home on their computers.

At Mount Joy Cottages  you will be able to work without stress and enjoy your holiday at the same time as:

  1. we  have installed inverters that will provide you with electricity during load shedding;

     2. we are a high site, we offer an extremely fast Wi-Fi connection;

This means that one is able to work without any concerns, in a beautiful environment, surrounded by nature, a view of the Lagoon and, when circumstances permit, to have a dip in the sea, a walk in the woods, or even enjoy an excellent cup of coffee with or without lunch in the wonderful restaurants which are literally within walking distance from us.

However, if you prefer the silence that is abundantly available here, you may also prefer to rather stretch your legs in our huge, park-like garden, watching and listening to the many varieties of birds or, even do some yoga at the secluded top deck of the garden or have a very private barbeque that is illuminated at night right next to an adjacent stream of water. 

And – you are most welcome to bring your pet.  As our property is fully fenced in, this will afford you both all the necessary freedom you want.

As our property is situated on top of one of Knysna’s surrounding hills without direct neighbours, the views are stunning and yet everything is extremely peaceful and quiet.

Last but not least, we also have a European trained resident masseuse with 30 years’ experience of deep tissue work and reflexology. www.bodyawareness.co.za

If you prefer to stay for a longer period, an acceptable rate may be discussed.

If this proposal in appealing to you, we look forward to hosting you.

                                               Warm regards,                    Kheli & Yogesh

                                                                    & Toby : woof!