Knysna is the perfect destination for relaxation. Escape the city and pamper your mind and body. The incredible natural beauty of the area soothes the soul and invigorates the spirit. Knysna has sea and beaches, forests and lakes, islands in the most famous estuary in South Africa, and is surrounded by a national park.

Nearer the Knysna Estuary (more commonly, but mistakenly, called Knysna Lagoon) is the Knysna Waterfront and Thesen Harbour Town. Both of these are alive with choice, from curios and art galleries to restaurants and boats.

There are shopping centres (Woodmill Lane and Knysna Mall). Here, and in between, you will find curio shops and art galleries. Owing to the stimulating and idyllic setting, Knysna has attracted world class painters, photographers and authors.

Knysna has more restaurants than one can count (featuring everything from oysters and fresh fish to vegetarian dishes and ostrich steaks). There is something for every palate. We have a number of award winning golf courses in the area such as those found at Pezula and Simola. For those seeking culture, the landscape is dotted with historic buildings and churches. And if you’re looking for the soul of Africa, then a trip into the northern suburbs is a must. Here, the townships (we prefer the word “communities”) may be poor but they are full of heart. We even have the biggest Rastafarian suburb at Judah Square.

Knysna is besieged by the natural beauty of the forests, lakes, estuary and sea. That means wildlife galore! It’s an everyday part of our lives. We’re most famous for the Brenton Blue Butterfly, the Loerie Bird, Dwarf Chameleons and the Knysna Seahorse.

Enjoy Knysna!